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Design Options in 2017 are About Technology and Texture

Our design team at Saddleback Design works with some of the newest materials in the industry to create dream homes for buyers. We asked Lesley Hodges, design manager, what some of her favorite trends are.

From high tech tiles and floors to the hottest colors of the year, and man-made materials that mimic nature, here is a peek at the most desired designs of the year. What trends are you liking in 2017? Visit our products page to see more examples.

Laminate wood flooring.

The technology for laminate flooring has improved significantly, so much so that it is difficult to visually tell that a laminate floor is not real wood. The colors and finishes available are endless.

Texture, texture, texture.

Grey tones are warming up with bronze undertones. The feel, appearance, and consistency of surfaces are mixed and matched to create interest.

Taupe is hot with punch colors that complement the color tone.

Texture in the tile. Glass mosaics continue to be a hit. This one has a hand-made appearance, so it looks more organic. Quartz countertops that mimic marble are also in demand.

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