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Promotion Announcement: Rich Larson Promoted to COO/Partner Saddleback Design

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Rich Larson to the position of COO/Partner at Saddleback Design. Rich joined Saddleback three years ago as general manager; and during that time, he played a significant role in transitioning the company to its new 38,000-square-foot showroom on Mississippi Avenue in Denver. The showroom features one of the largest selections of flooring, counter top, wall tile and window covering material in the Denver metro area. To promote what Rich describes as “smart growth,” he also enhanced the team with new, industry-proven talent to carry on the company’s mission statement and operating values to all of its builder clients.

As general manager, Rich excelled at solving complex problems and in leading a team of 57 talented people to higher levels of performance. He is recognized across the company as an inspired team leader who rolls up his sleeves and gets involved in all departments and services. “At the end of the day, it is all about the performance of our company to our clients.” Rich says. “But it begins with our team.”

A gifted collaborator, Rich has been instrumental in creating a fun, success-oriented work environment. He encouraged his team to be proactive, versus reactive, and empowered them to make decisions. “If someone texts one of us from the field, it’s important to make decisions right now,” he says. “We never want to hold a project up by telling clients we’ll have to get back to them if we can give fast, accurate answers.”

In addition to streamlining operations, Rich emphasized the importance of proper planning. One of his favorite expressions is “Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance” (affectionately known by his team as the “5 Ps”). When collaborating to update the company’s mission statement, the team included elements of “The 5 Ps” in the line: “We deliver extraordinary results consistently by planning strategically, working smart and collaborating with all stakeholders as ‘one team.’”

Rich brings extensive expertise and experience in the construction industry to his new role as COO/Partner. With more than 27 years in the industry, he has done it all, including manual labor, day-to-day management of trades, running his own business, VP of operations for two home builders, developing and leading department teams and managing to the requirements of annual business plans.

Rich uses his in-depth knowledge of the industry to cultivate strong long-term relationships with both clients and team members. “I really believe in building trust and respect,” he says. “I say what I’m going to do and I do it.” During Rich’s tenure, Saddleback has continued to enjoy an exceptionally high level of employee retention and an extremely loyal client base.

As COO/Partner, Rich will provide company wide leadership, team management and vision as he oversees the implementation of Saddleback’s forward-focused strategies. In many ways, Rich’s promotion recognizes a role he has already played. He will continue to partner with home builders and will ensure their satisfaction through direct contact and close project involvement. Please join us in welcoming Rich as the new COO/Partner at Saddleback Design, and in congratulating him on his well-deserved promotion.

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