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Hardwood Flooring Trends

From engineered to solid hardwood and site finished or factory finished, hardwood flooring is here to stay. Ash, cherry, walnut, teak, oak...the options are endless. Floor Covering Weekly recently wrote an article about trends in hardwood flooring. Here are some highlights.

Dynamic Earth, Heatherwood

TREND 1 (photo at right): Long, wide and narrow. Longer and wider planks continue to be in style. But more and more we see a narrowing of planks as consumers look for a more traditional design. As well, varied lengths and widths used together are still of interest with many makers offering random planks together in a box.

TREND 2 (photo at left): Crisp and clean. Cleaner and simpler looks are becoming prevalent in hardwood design. Consumers are looking toward hardwood products that will complement — not distract from — a room’s furnishings.

TREND 3 (photo at right): Good character. From knots to various graining patterns, the natural beauty of wood definitely makes a statement. While more subtle scrapes are currently trending, some consumers gravitate to planks that highlight wood’s rich authenticity.

TREND 4 (photo below): Up the walls. It’s no secret that flooring can go up the walls — even hardwood. No longer a sign of the ‘70s, designers are upping their game with reclaimed accent walls. And, consumers are loving it!

TREND 5 (photo below) : Heavenly herringbone. Patterns of all kinds are taking off in flooring, however, nothing is more coveted than herringbone. From carpet to ceramic tile, the herringbone trend has spread far and wide in terms of category, but there’s something special about the beauty of a herringbone hardwood floor.

Trend Source and Photos: Caroline Alkire in Floor Covering Weekly

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