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About Saddleback Design

It was 1995 and Lolly Hauptman had a beautiful vision for the future. She imagined a time when selecting home finishes would be simple, joyful and efficient – for both the home builder and the home buyer. So she created Saddleback Design with the intention of transforming this process into a gratifying, creative experience. “The exciting part,” as she puts it.

Builders and buyers alike loved the experience and Saddleback Design grew to include Lolly’s two sons, Luke and John. Today, one family’s vision has transformed the way home buyers complete the finish process. It’s more profitable for the home builder and more enjoyable for the home buyer. As it should be; after all, choosing the finishing touches is like adding that final stroke of genius to a beautiful painting.

The exciting part.


515 W Mississippi Ave Denver-print-006-0
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