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Saddleback Design Builder Clients Take Home MAME Awards

A big round of applause for our fabulous builder clients, Wonderland Homes and Thrive Home Builders, who received MAME Awards last weekend.

Presented by the HBA Denver Sales and Marketing Council, the Marketing and Merchandising Excellence (MAME) Awards honor the top achievers in the new home industry.

These awards are presented to those who set the standard of excellence in the Denver home building industry.

Wonderland Homes received five MAME Awards for design and architecture including 2018 Attached Home of the Year (pictured below).

-Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Detached Home – Priced $550,001 to $700,000

-Best Interior Merchandising of a Model – Attached Home

-Best Architectural Design of a Model –

Detached Home – 3,201 to 3,600 sq. ft.

-Best Architectural Design of a Model –

Attached Home

Locally owned and operated since 1966, Wonderland Homes builds homes exclusively in Colorado. Over the years, they have committed to a legacy that “it’s about character . . .” What does that mean? They preserve the character of beautiful communities through contextual architecture and build high-quality homes using only the best materials. But most importantly, they strive every day to deliver 100% satisfaction to the customer.

Thrive Home Builders received an award for Best Green Home Design.

Building on its reputation as a national leader in energy efficiency, Thrive Home Builders entered the luxury home segment in Stapleton in Denver with the Panacea Collection, a new collection of homes in Stapleton’s Beeler Park neighborhood. Each Panacea home features luxurious mid-century modern inspired architecture combined with Thrive’s trademark Zero Energy construction, and a new focus on cleaner indoor air. Panacea homes aren't just luxury homes...they are luxurious LEED Certified, Zero Energy homes with healthier indoor air.

Thrive Homes Panacea Collection

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