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Tile for the Win

Designed for aesthetics as well as functionality, tile is the basis of form and function for home design, and choices have grown tremendously in the past decade. New technologies mean that tile glazes, textures, and applications are more innovative than ever. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are very popular, but there are also glass tiles, cement tiles, metal tiles, and stone tiles—to name just a few. And don't forget, not every tile is cut out to do the same job. Don't use glass in high traffic areas. Mosaic works best as a wall application. Ceramic tile is great in kitchen, baths and entryways. We could go on and on.

At Saddleback, we are continuously experimenting with colors, sizes, and patterns to create one-of-a-kind surface designs for homes. Here a few tiles from some of our favorite suppliers.

ZYX Collection

An exclusive collection of three-dimensional ceramic tile. ZYX is adventurous, unique and inspirational with its expressive shapes and strong architectural properties.

Pental Surfaces began in 1999 with just a few selections of granite slabs, and has since grown into one of the largest wholesale tile and stone distributors in the Western US. They carry natural stone, PentalQuartz®, and PentalTek® slabs, as well as natural stone, porcelain, ceramic, metal, and glass tile and mosaics.

Photos via Pental.


Slide Wall Collection

Featuring form, function and understated elegance, the Slide Wall Collection will deliver inspiration and enjoyment to any home.

Glenrock Distributing offers high tech production, green manufacturing and produces quality products from Italy and around the world.

Photos via Glenrock Distributing.

Crayons by Settecento

The Crayons series is a white body, double fired ceramic tile with hand-made characteristics. This elongated picket offers seven colors, six with a glossy finish and one (Matte White) with a matte finish. This sleek, yet textured tile works beautifully in both modern and old-world spaces. Crayons is recommended for wall tile applications only.

Crossville, Inc. manufactures and sources high quality porcelain tile panels, countertops, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, natural stone, and glass tile. A family-owned, American company, they serve designers and architects, helping create beautiful indoor and outdoor floors, walls and countertops.

Photos via Crossville.

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