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VIDEO | Tour an Interior Design Package for Remington Homes

Here at Saddleback Design, when we say we offer home “finishes,” we mean floor-to-ceiling finishes, front-door-to-back-door finishes, inside-to-outside finishes, start-to-finish finishes. Think flooring, countertops, tile, stone, carpet, cabinets, indoor kitchens, outdoor kitchens, window coverings – and that’s just for starters.

Take a video tour through a recent interior design package we put together for Remington Homes. Starting with a detailed review of the home layout, the designer met with the buyers to present all of their finish options, including flooring, countertops, tile, stone, carpet, paint, window coverings, and more. All within specification. The designer was also mindful of the buyers’ lifestyle to ensure home finishes they’ll appreciate for years to come.

When you partner with Saddleback Design, we present ourselves as an extension of your business – your in-house design shop. So we continually strive to showcase your talents and maximize your profits. Check us out. It could be the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

What do you think of the design package?

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