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Home Builders Foundation Elevates Lives

Meet Matt. He was in a sledding accident at age 11 that resulted in a spinal cord injury. While he hasn't let this injury stop him from getting after life and living independently, it is still sometimes physically difficult navigating homes and other locations that were not designed with accessibility in mind. Last fall, he purchased his first home that needed accessible modifications. Home Builders Foundation (HBF) and their amazing crew of supporters installed a stair lift inside and constructed a wheelchair ramp on the exterior.

"I’m so thankful to the HBF for making my house more accessible. The new stair lift means I finally get to enjoy my entire house, and the new ramp to my front porch makes it easier to access my house and to come and go on my own."

--Matt F.

Ginny has required the use of a power chair for twelve years. Unfortunately, her chair recently broke and insurance was unwilling to pay for a new chair until a ramp was built at her home for safe access. A crew from Builders FirstSource recently completed a new ramp for Ginny.

"What a relief to have a deck level with the threshold, and a ramp to safely access my home and my community. I had dreaded going anywhere, but now I can do every day tasks like bring in my groceries and consider other fun adventures, too. And, it is fun driving up and down the ramp with my scooter. Thank you HBF!"

--Ginny L.

If you'd like to help as an individual or group of volunteers, be a Project Captain, donate material or otherwise, please call (303) 551-6721 today.

Each year the HBF gathers builders, contractors, remodelers, trades and volunteers to execute the Blitz Build and build ramps for individuals needing access to their homes. The Blitz Build mobilizes more than 200 volunteers to complete ramps for individuals across metro Denver in this incredible three-day event, August 20-22, sponsored by Fiberon. Saddleback Design is proud to be a Project Captain in 2020.

The mission of the HBF is to build independence, provide opportunities and elevate lives for individuals and families with disabilities in our community. HBF has always known that building independence and elevating lives is extremely impactful to their clients and their families. COVID-19 has shed even more light on the important work that they do, and the need for everyone to have safe and accessible homes. Their crew of Project Captains, in-kind donors, cash donors, volunteers and staff are working hard to continue their work with additional safety protocols in place. Donate, volunteer or partner with the HBF today.

Photos courtesy of Home Builders Foundation.

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