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VIDEO | Tour of the Selection Process for Berkeley Homes

Since 1995, Saddleback Design has partnered with home builders to personalize homes through thoughtful design, extensive selection and quality installation. We exceed expectations by listening carefully and taking pride in every part of our business.

Take a video tour of the selection process we completed for Berkeley Homes. Our designers will complete a comprehensive Design Center Packet for you and your buyer outlining the final finish selections. Each packet includes room-by-room photos and detailed specs, including sign-off on everything from paint colors to tile work drawings. End result? Everyone’s on the same page. Everyone’s in the loop. Everyone’s happy.

When you partner with Saddleback Design, we present ourselves as an extension of your business – your one-stop shop for design and installation. We continually strive to showcase your talents and maximize your profits. Check us out. It could be the beginning of a wonderful partnership. Call Rich Larson, COO/Partner, today at 303.880.1032.

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